Ideas For Yogis Who Are Ready To Expand Conscious Growth

Conscious Improvement or The Nature of Human Potential can be increased. This idea is known to the advancing minds of this century.

Traditionally many people are being taught to include meditation. Often it is taught as a system of health or even relaxation and mental calm and evenĀ  a de-stressing “device or tool”.

What should be understood is many people do not have time or place to do yoga at work, in car driving, while shopping or even working out at the gym.

Also the nature of yoga meditation is once learnt the desire to go higher become second nature.

So what is the process…explanation is to continue yoga and meditation but use meditation to access limitations within the subconscious mind.

By using techniques which clear the subconscious mind, you not only reprogram the mind, but affect the environment (Buddha-what the mind conceives it can achieve) or more simply put what the mind thinks of it attracts.

This is a Law of the Universe and has been taught recently as the Law of Attraction. The next step in understanding the use of the mind, once seeing the power of how the mind works and the effectiveness of principles such as Law of Attraction is adopting strategies to clear the subconscious, so the mind works better.

The following guides have been added to AMAZON to help teach some advancements and short cuts once you’ve adopted some strategies such as NLP, EFT, NET, (which stands for Neurolingusitic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuroemotional Technique) Hypnosis, Yoga or even Alchemistry to affect clearing.

Search “Clearing Andrew Greszczyszyn” on AMAZON for more information. It is a wave of the future, which will send ripples through your environment when begun to be used.

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